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The Regex component in Plinqx is crafted to apply regular expressions to a given input string for various transformation purposes. This component is extremely useful for pattern matching, data extraction, validation, and string manipulation tasks within your flows.


  1. inputString:

    The string on which the regular expression will be applied.

  2. inRegEx:

    The regular expression pattern to use for the transformation or validation.

  3. replace:

    A boolean value indicating whether to replace the matched pattern in the string (True) or simply perform a match (False).


  1. outPutResult:

    The result of applying the regex to the input string. This could be the transformed string (if replace is True) or the matched pattern.

Example Scenario - Formatting Phone Numbers

Scenario Overview:

In a Salesforce org, phone numbers are collected through various means and often have inconsistent formats. A flow is needed to standardize these phone numbers into a uniform format before they are stored in the system.

Implementation with Regex Component:

  1. Flow Setup for Phone Number Formatting:

    • Create a Salesforce flow that triggers when new phone number data is entered or imported into the system.
  2. Adding Regex Component:

    • Incorporate the Regex component into the flow to format the phone numbers.
  3. Configuring Inputs:

    • 'inputString' is set to the captured phone number.

    • 'inRegEx' is defined with a regular expression pattern that matches various phone number formats.

    • 'replace' is set to True to enable the transformation of the phone number into a standardized format.

  4. Executing Regex Transformation:

    • The flow processes each phone number, applying the regex to transform it into a consistent format.
  5. Using Transformed Data:

    • The 'outPutResult' provides the standardized phone number, which is then used for updating records in Salesforce.


Implementing the Regex component allows the Salesforce org to efficiently standardize phone numbers into a uniform format. This approach ensures data consistency, improves data quality, and enhances the usability of contact information within the system.