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Convert to JSON Collection

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The Convert to JSON Collection component in Plinqx is adept at parsing a JSON string that represents an array or list, and converting it into a collection of individual JSON string objects. This functionality is particularly useful in scenarios where you need to process multiple items from a JSON array within your flows, making it an essential tool for data handling and transformation in integration processes.


  1. JSON String to Convert01-05:

    Up to five input parameters are available for converting multiple JSON strings. Each parameter accepts a JSON string representing an array or list of objects. You can use just one or multiple parameters based on your specific requirement.


  1. JSON Collection01-05:

    Each output parameter corresponds to an input and provides a collection of JSON object strings. These collections are particularly useful for processing within loop functions in flows.

Example Scenario - Processing Bulk Order Updates

Scenario Overview:

A Salesforce org receives bulk order updates from an external e-commerce platform in the form of a single JSON string. Each order update within the string needs to be individually processed and updated in Salesforce.

Implementation with Convert to JSON Collection Component:

  1. Flow Setup for Handling Order Updates:

    • Create a Salesforce flow triggered by the receipt of the JSON string from the e-commerce platform.
  2. Adding Convert to JSON Collection Component:

    • Incorporate the Convert to JSON Collection component at the beginning of the flow to handle the JSON string.
  3. Configuring Inputs:

    • Use 'JSON String to Convert01' to input the JSON string containing the bulk order updates.
  4. Converting JSON String to Collection:

    • The flow processes the JSON string, and the component converts it into a collection of individual JSON objects, each representing a single order update.
  5. Looping Through Orders:

    • Implement a loop function within the flow to iterate through the 'JSON Collection01', processing each order update separately.

    • For each order in the collection, parse the JSON object, extract order details, and perform necessary updates in Salesforce.


The implementation of the Convert to JSON Collection component enables efficient handling of bulk data from the e-commerce platform. By converting the JSON array into individual objects and processing each one in a loop, the Salesforce org ensures that all order updates are accurately reflected, enhancing data integrity and operational efficiency.