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Version: 1

Data Transformation


Available: Starter and Premium

Data Transformation in Plinqx


Plinqx's data transformation tool is an innovative feature designed to empower Salesforce designers with advanced capabilities to handle and manipulate data. This tool facilitates the creation and modification of JSON structures, making it a vital component for data integration and processing in Salesforce.

Understanding the Plinqx Designer Interface

The Plinqx Designer interface is intuitively designed, allowing users to easily navigate and utilize its features for effective data transformation. The following are key components of the Designer interface, aligned with the corresponding numbers in the image:

  1. Available Plinqxes Panel:

    • The left panel of the designer page lists all available Plinqxes, which include your mappings and transformations.
  2. Designer Pane:

    • This is the larger central pane where you design and edit JSON structures and transformations.
  3. Designer Controls:

    • Located at the top of the interface, these controls facilitate the management and navigation of your data transformation tasks.
  4. Designer Control Tab:

    • This tab allows you to navigate back to the main designer pane for further editing and designing.
  5. Source Tab:

    • Use this tab to view and edit the raw JSON and JSON schema.
  6. Save Mapping Button:

    • After completing your design, use the 'Save Mapping' button to save your work to the database, making it ready for deployment in your Salesforce environment.

Capabilities and Applications

  • Design and Modify JSON Structures:

    Create bespoke JSON structures tailored to your integration requirements.

  • Link JSON Attributes to Salesforce Fields:

    Ensure that your JSON data is correctly aligned with Salesforce's data model.

  • Automate Data Transformation Scripts:

    Embed these scripts in Salesforce Flows or APEX logic to transform data according to your business logic.


Plinqx's data transformation tool offers a comprehensive solution for managing complex data structures within Salesforce. By leveraging this tool, designers can efficiently create, modify, and implement JSON structures, ensuring seamless integration and data processing that aligns with specific business needs.