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Clone SObject List

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The Clone SObject List component within Plinqx is designed to efficiently clone a collection of Salesforce records (SObjects). This component is invaluable for scenarios where duplicate records need to be created with similar data, maintaining data integrity and consistency.


  1. SObject:

    Define the SObject type for the resulting cloned records.

  2. Fields:

    Provide a comma-delimited string of field API names to be included in the clone. Only these fields will be replicated in the cloned records.

  3. ObjectAPIName:

    Specify the API name of the SObject as a string.

  4. RecordIds:

    Input a collection (text collection) of the record IDs that you wish to clone.


  1. CloneResults:

    The output is a collection of SObject records, as specified in the SObject input. This collection contains the cloned records with the fields specified.

Example Scenario - Bulk Opportunity Cloning

Scenario Overview:

A sales team in a Salesforce org often creates new opportunities that are similar to existing ones. To streamline their process, they need to clone existing opportunities, including specific details like the account name, stage, and amount.

Implementation with Clone SObject List Component:

  1. Flow Setup:

    Create a Salesforce flow that is triggered when a user selects multiple opportunities for cloning.

  2. Adding Clone SObject List Component:

    Incorporate the Clone SObject List component into the flow.

  3. Configuring Inputs:

    • Set 'SObject' to Opportunity.

    • Define 'Fields' to include, such as AccountId,StageName,Amount.

    • Enter 'ObjectAPIName' as Opportunity.

    • Provide 'RecordIds' as the collection of opportunity record IDs selected for cloning.

  4. Executing Clone Operation:

    The flow uses the Clone SObject List component to create duplicates of the selected opportunities, including only the specified fields.

  5. Resulting Output:

    The 'cloneResults' output provides a collection of the newly cloned opportunity records, ready for any additional processing or updates.


This implementation enables the sales team to efficiently duplicate multiple opportunities, saving time and reducing manual data entry errors. The cloned opportunities can then be further modified as needed, maintaining consistency in data entry and improving overall productivity.