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Flow Components


**Availble: **Starter and Premium


Plinqx's collection of Flow Components is designed to enhance and simplify the creation of complex workflows in Salesforce. While these components offer a range of functionalities to streamline your flow design, it's crucial to integrate them with a solid understanding of best practices and thoughtful design principles.

Flow Design Best Practices

  • Adherence to Best Practices:

    Even with Plinqx's comprehensive component library, the success of your flow design hinges on adhering to industry and Salesforce-specific best practices. These practices ensure efficiency, maintainability, and scalability of your flows.

  • Resource Guide:

    Refer to The Utlimate Guide to Flow Best Practices and Standards for a detailed understanding of how to optimally design flows. This guide provides invaluable insights into structuring your flows for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Accessing Plinqx Flow Components

  • Locating Components in Salesforce:

    Plinqx flow components are easily accessible within Salesforce’s flow builder. Navigate to the flow Action menu to begin integrating these components into your flows.

  • Filtering for Plinqx Components:

    On the New Action screen, select the ‘Plinqx’ category in the ‘Filter By’ pane. This action filters the available actions, showcasing only those belonging to the Plinqx package in the Action dropdown menu.

  • Icon Representation:

    Each Plinqx flow component is represented by a unique icon once added to your flow. This visual distinction helps in quickly identifying and organizing the components used within your flow designs.

Subpages for Individual Components

  • Dedicated Subpages:

    To assist with the selection and implementation of specific flow components, each Plinqx component has a dedicated subpage. These subpages provide comprehensive details on the component's features, configuration guidelines, and examples of use cases. You can easily navigate through these subpages to find detailed information about each component, including how to effectively integrate it into your Salesforce Flows.


Utilizing Plinqx Flow Components within your Salesforce environment offers a powerful way to enhance and expedite Flow automation. By combining these advanced components with adherence to flow design best practices, you can create robust, efficient, and highly functional workflows tailored to your specific business processes. Remember, the key to successful flow implementation lies in a balanced approach of leveraging advanced tools like Plinqx while maintaining a strong foundation in best practice principles.

Once on the New Action screen, select the Plinqx category in the Filter By pane. This will filter all available Actions to the Plinqx package actions in the Action dropdown menu.

Once a component is added to your flow, each will be represented by its own unique icon.