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Version: 2

Setting Up Email Service Integrations in Plinqx


Available: Starter and Premium


Creating an Email Service Integration in Plinqx allows you to efficiently manage and process inbound emails within your Salesforce environment. This guide walks you through the steps to set up an email service integration, after your design decisions have been thoroughly reviewed, documented, and approved.

Starting the Integration Setup

  1. Access the Plinqx Management Console:

    • Navigate to the Plinqx Management Console in your Salesforce environment.
  2. Initiating a New Integration:

    • Click the 'New' button to begin setting up a new email service integration.

Selecting the Email Service Type

  • Choose the type of email service event:

    • Email Service:

      This option will create a case in Salesforce using standard contact and case threading logic.

    • Email Service Pass Through:

      This option bypasses case creation and contact matching logic.

Defining the Integration Details

  1. Naming Your API:

    • Provide a meaningful name for your API, which will be used for identification and documentation purposes.
  2. Categorizing the API:

    • Assign categories to your API for easier management and filtering within the console. Categories can be multiple, separated by commas.
  3. Adding a Description:

    • Include a description for your API. This will be useful in auto-generating documentation for your API.

Linking to a Custom Email Service

Configuring the Payload

  • Choose the Payload Type:

Final Steps

  1. Setting Up Steps (if required):

    • Steps can be used for managing large or long-running orchestrated payload/data construction and delivery.
  2. Activating the Integration:

    • Choose 'Activate' to enable the integration upon deployment, or you can leave it inactive to activate later.
  3. Deploying the Integration:

    • Click 'Next' to proceed with the deployment of your email service integration.


Setting up an email service integration in Plinqx is an essential process for effectively managing inbound email interactions in Salesforce. By following these steps, you can configure an email service that aligns with your business needs, ensuring efficient handling and processing of email-based data.