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Version: 2

How Plinqx Works


Plinqx stands out as a revolutionary tool in the Salesforce ecosystem, leveraging and enhancing Salesforce's "out of the box" features to create powerful integration solutions. It transforms standard day-to-day flows into robust integration mechanisms, integrating seamlessly into your UI and automating processes for heightened efficiency and capability.

Key Components and Features of Plinqx

  1. Utilizing Salesforce Flows: Plinqx enhances Salesforce flows by enabling them to trigger powerful outbound integration calls. This integration can be initiated through flow triggers or changed-data events, seamlessly connecting Salesforce processes with external systems.

  2. Inbound and Outbound Integration Calls: Plinqx supports both inbound and outbound integration calls. Inbound calls can be authenticated using standard Salesforce authentication patterns or can operate as unauthenticated webhooks, providing versatility in integration scenarios.

  3. Event-Driven Integration:

    • Object Event:

      Triggered by changes at a record/data level, object events are ideal for outbound API calls, data archiving, and tracking data states before and after changes.

    • Platform Event:

      Triggered by Salesforce platform events, these are suitable for outbound API calls and platform automation.

    • URL Topic:

      Initiated by inbound HTTP requests, URL topics cater to all types of HTTP requests (authenticated or not), including GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE.

    • Email Service:

      Triggered by inbound email messages to custom message services, these events are great for document automation (like OCR in the Enterprise package), CSV/XML processing (EDI), and outbound automation.

Enhancing Integration with Plinqx

  1. Configuration and Setup: Begin by integrating Plinqx into your Salesforce environment. Configure your integration flows, set up triggers, and define how data will be processed and transferred.

  2. Creating and Managing Data Flows: Utilize Plinqx's enhanced flow capabilities to create dynamic data flows. Define triggers, map data fields, and apply rules for data transformation and movement.

  3. Testing and Deployment: Leverage Plinqx's testing environment to validate your integration setups. Once tested and verified, deploy your integrations into the live environment.

  4. Ongoing Monitoring and Security: Continuously monitor the performance of your integrations with Plinqx's advanced tools, ensuring they are secure, efficient, and compliant with your operational standards.


Plinqx redefines Salesforce integration by enhancing and extending the platform's native capabilities. It provides a flexible, powerful, and user-friendly solution for all your integration needs, from simple data transfers to complex system interactions. With Plinqx, harness the full potential of Salesforce's integration capabilities, and take your business processes to the next level.