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Get Key Value

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The Get Key Value component in Plinqx is tailored for extracting specific parameters or topics passed as part of an integration endpoint URL in inbound integrations. This component is particularly useful when dealing with dynamic URL structures where key parameters are embedded within the URL path. For instance, if your integration API URL is structured as my/api/{0}/key/{1}, the Get Key Value component can be used to retrieve the values corresponding to {0} and {1}.

Note: This component typically operates on a list of requestKeyValuePair Apex objects, which is a standard part of the InboundRequestWrapper in integration flows within Plinqx.


  1. Key:

    Specify the index (like 0 or 1 in the URL example) of the value you wish to retrieve.

  2. **Parameter List: **Input the collection of requestKeyValuePair Apex objects that contain the parameters passed in the integration endpoint.


  1. Value:

    Returns the value associated with the specified key from the collection of parameters.

Example Scenario - Dynamic API Endpoint Handling

Scenario Overview:

A Salesforce org has set up an inbound integration with Plinqx to receive updates from an external inventory management system. The integration endpoint is dynamically structured to include product category and region as path parameters (e.g., inventory/api/{category}/region/{regionId}).

Implementation with Get Key Value Component:

  1. Flow Setup for Inbound Integration:

    • Create a Salesforce flow that is triggered upon receiving requests at the integration endpoint.
  2. Adding Get Key Value Component:

    • Integrate the Get Key Value component into the flow to extract the category and region parameters from the API request URL.
  3. Configuring Inputs:

    • Set the 'Key' to 0 to retrieve the product category (represented by

    • Use another instance of the component with 'Key' set to 1 to retrieve the region ID (represented by

    • 'Parameter List' is provided with the collection of parameters received in the API request.

  4. Extracting URL Parameters:

    • The flow processes the incoming API request, and the Get Key Value component extracts the required parameters based on the keys provided.
  5. Utilizing Extracted Data:

    • The extracted 'Value' for category and region ID is then used within the flow to filter or categorize the incoming inventory data accordingly.


This implementation allows the Salesforce org to efficiently handle dynamic API requests, with the Get Key Value component enabling precise extraction of essential URL parameters. This approach ensures accurate processing of inventory updates based on product categories and regions, enhancing the integration's effectiveness and data relevance.