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Auth0 Authorize

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The Auth0 Authorize component in Plinqx is a specialized tool designed to streamline the process of generating an access token from Auth0. This component is crucial for integrations requiring secure authentication with external systems managed through Auth0.


  1. Audience: Specify the Auth0 audience for which the token is intended.

  2. Grant Type: Indicate the authentication grant type set for the Auth0 audience.

  3. Named Credential: Enter the API name of the Salesforce named credential configured for Auth0 authentication.


  1. Access Token (String):

    The access token generated by Auth0.

  2. Message (String):

    A return message from Auth0, providing context or information about the token generation process.

  3. Success (Boolean):

    Indicates whether the token generation was successful (True/False).

Example Scenario - Secure Data Retrieval

Scenario Overview:

A Salesforce org needs to securely retrieve customer data from an external system that uses Auth0 for authentication. The data retrieval is triggered when a Salesforce user updates a customer record.

Implementation with Auth0 Authorize Component:

  1. Flow Creation:

    Create a Salesforce flow that triggers when a customer record is updated.

  2. Adding Auth0 Authorize Component:

    In the flow, add the Auth0 Authorize component as an initial step.

  3. Configuring Inputs:

    • Set the 'Audience' to the specific audience in Auth0 relevant to the external system.

    • Choose the appropriate 'Grant Type' as configured in Auth0.

    • Enter the API name of the pre-configured Salesforce named credential.

  4. Access Token Retrieval:

    The flow executes the Auth0 Authorize component to obtain an access token.

  5. Data Retrieval Logic:

    Upon successful token generation, subsequent flow steps use the access token to authenticate API calls to the external system and retrieve the required customer data.

  6. Error Handling:

    Implement error handling within the flow to manage scenarios where token generation fails, ensuring that appropriate actions or notifications are triggered.


This implementation allows Salesforce to securely interact with the external system using Auth0 for robust authentication, ensuring secure data access and maintaining compliance with security protocols.