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Transaction Record Fields

The following table outlines the fields in a Transaction record:

Field API NameLabelTypeDescription
CreatedByIdCreated By IDUserID of the user who created the transaction
CreatedDateCreated DateDatetimeDate and time when the transaction was created
IdRecord IDIDUnique identifier for the transaction
IsDeletedDeletedBooleanIndicates if the transaction record is deleted
LastModifiedByIdLast Modified By IDUserID of the user who last modified the transaction
LastModifiedDateLast Modified DateDatetimeDate and time when the transaction was last modified
LastReferencedDateLast Referenced DateDatetimeDate and time when the transaction was last referenced
LastViewedDateLast Viewed DateDatetimeDate and time when the transaction was last viewed
NameTransaction NumberString (Auto Number)Auto-generated number for the transaction
OwnerIdOwner IDGroup UserID of the user or group who owns the transaction
Plinqx__Aggregate_Queries__cAggregate QueriesDoubleNumber of aggregate queries used
Plinqx__Aggregate_Queries_Limit__cAggregate Queries LimitDoubleLimit for aggregate queries
Plinqx__Async_Calls__cAsync CallsDoubleNumber of asynchronous calls made
Plinqx__Async_Calls_Limit__cAsync Calls LimitDoubleLimit for asynchronous calls
Plinqx__Callouts__cCalloutsDoubleNumber of callouts made
Plinqx__Callouts_Limit__cCallouts LimitDoubleLimit for callouts
Plinqx__Checksum__cChecksumStringChecksum value for the transaction
Plinqx__CPU_Time__cCPU TimeDoubleCPU time used
Plinqx__CPU_Time_Limit__cCPU Time LimitDoubleLimit for CPU time
Plinqx__Direction__cDirectionPicklistDirection of the transaction (Inbound or Outbound)
Plinqx__DML_Rows__cDML RowsDoubleNumber of DML rows processed
Plinqx__DML_Rows_Limit__cDML Rows LimitDoubleLimit for DML rows
Plinqx__DML_Statements__cDML StatementsDoubleNumber of DML statements executed
Plinqx__DML_Statements_Limit__cDML Statements LimitDoubleLimit for DML statements
Plinqx__Email_Invocations__cEmail InvocationsDoubleNumber of email invocations
Plinqx__Email_Invocations_Limit__cEmail Invocations LimitDoubleLimit for email invocations
Plinqx__Ended_At__cEnded AtDatetimeDate and time when the transaction ended
Plinqx__Future_Calls__cFuture CallsDoubleNumber of future calls made
Plinqx__Future_Calls_Limit__cFuture Calls LimitDoubleLimit for future calls
Plinqx__Heap_Size__cHeap SizeDoubleHeap size used
Plinqx__Heap_Size_Limit__cHeap Size LimitDoubleLimit for heap size
Plinqx__HTTP_Method__cHTTP MethodPicklistHTTP method used (GET, POST, etc.)
Plinqx__Mobile_Push_Apex_Calls__cMobile Push Apex CallsDoubleNumber of mobile push Apex calls
Plinqx__Mobile_Push_Apex_Calls_Limit__cMobile Push Apex Calls LimitDoubleLimit for mobile push Apex calls
Plinqx__Parent__cParentPlinqx__Transaction__cParent transaction, if any
Plinqx__Publish_Immediate_DML__cPublish Immediate DMLDoubleNumber of immediate DML operations published
Plinqx__Publish_Immediate_DML_Limit__cPublish Immediate DML LimitDoubleLimit for immediate DML operations published
Plinqx__Queries__cQueriesDoubleNumber of queries executed
Plinqx__Queries_Limit__cQueries LimitDoubleLimit for queries
Plinqx__Query_Locator_Rows__cQuery Locator RowsDoubleNumber of query locator rows
Plinqx__Query_Locator_Rows_Limit__cQuery Locator Rows LimitDoubleLimit for query locator rows
Plinqx__Query_Rows__cQuery RowsDoubleNumber of query rows retrieved
Plinqx__Query_Rows_Limit__cQuery Rows LimitDoubleLimit for query rows retrieved
Plinqx__Queueable_Jobs__cQueueable JobsDoubleNumber of queueable jobs executed
Plinqx__Queueable_Jobs_Limit__cQueueable Jobs LimitDoubleLimit for queueable jobs
Plinqx__Request_Id__cRequest IdStringUnique identifier for the request
Plinqx__Response_Status_Code__cResponse Status CodeDoubleHTTP response status code received or generated
Plinqx__Sosl_Queries__cSosl QueriesDoubleNumber of SOSL queries executed
Plinqx__Sosl_Queries_Limit__cSosl Queries LimitDoubleLimit for SOSL queries
Plinqx__Started_At__cStarted AtDatetimeDate and time when the transaction started
Plinqx__Status__cStatusPicklistStatus of the transaction (e.g., OK, ERROR)
Plinqx__Transaction_Count__cTransaction CountDoubleCount of transactions associated
Plinqx__Transaction_Name__cTransaction NameStringName of the transaction
Plinqx__URI__cURIStringURI of the transaction
Plinqx__URL__cURLStringURL of the transaction

This table provides a detailed overview of the fields associated with Transactions in Plinqx, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the data captured and stored for each transaction. This information is invaluable for analyzing the performance, troubleshooting issues, and understanding the overall operation of your integrations within Plinqx.