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Version: 2

Email Service Template


The Email Service Template equips implementers with a variety of inputs derived from the inbound email message class itself, seamlessly integrating these into the flow. When your email service is connected to a flow utilizing the Plinqx Email Service Template, all input and output variables are pre-configured for your convenience.

Creating a New Email Service Flow

To create a new Email Service Flow in Salesforce.

  1. In Setup go to 'Flows'.

  2. Click the 'New Flow' button.

  3. From the new flow screen, select the 'All + Templates' tab.

  4. From here search and select the Plinqx Email Service Template from the list.

Please see the below table for avaibable input and output variables within the template

VariableTypeInput / OutputDescription
ccAddressesText CollectionInputA collection of all cc addresses.
headersText CollectionInputA collection of all the email headers.
toAddressesText CollectionInputA collection of all recipient addresses.
emailMessageEmail Message SObject RecoverInputA representation of the standard Salesforce Email Message Object
attachmentsCollection of SObject AttachmentsInputA collection of the standard Salesforce Attachment Object
caseIdTextInputFor every email received, a case is generated by the PlinqxInboundEmailHander service, unless a corresponding thread id is identified, then the matching existing Case Id is returned. Additionally, the service will review and apply any Case Assignment rules if they are in place. Beyond this step, it falls to the implementer to oversee the execution of any further relevant business logic.
fromAddressTextInputThe senders email address
fromNameTextInputThe senders full name as configured in their email profile.
htmlBodyTextInputThe html body of the email message.
htmlEmailBodyIsTruncatedBooleanInputIndicates whether the html body is truncated (true) or not (false).
inReplyToTextInputThe In-Reply-To field of the incoming email. Identifies the email or emails to which this one is a reply (parent emails). Contains the parent email or emails' message-IDs
messageIdTextInputThe message Id of the Inbound Email, this is not the Salesforce Id for the record.
messageTextOutputAn output message that is set by the implementer to return to the mail server.
plainTextBodyTextInputThe body of the email in plain text.
plainTextBodyIsTruncatedBooleanInputIndicates whether the plain body text is truncated (true) or not (false).
replyToTextInputThe reply address of the sender.
subjectTextInputThe subject of the email.
successBooleanOutputA return value set by the implementer to indicate whether the configured flow logic executed successfully (true) or (false).