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Version: 2

Managing Data Transformations


Available: Starter and Premium


In Plinqx, managing data transformations is a streamlined process facilitated by the Plinqx Mapping Engine. This guide will walk you through the steps to create, update, and remove data transformations using the Plinqx Designer tool.

Opening and Editing a Mapping

  1. Access Your Mapping:

    • To open a mapping, click the pencil icon next to your mapping's name.
  2. Edit a Mapping Connection:

    • Double-click on a mapping connection to bring up the action popup.

Selecting the Type of Transformation

  • In the action popup, you can choose the type of transformation you want to apply:

    • Apex (Enterprise Only):

      Select a custom interface class for the transformation.

    • Flow:

      Choose a utility flow for the required transformation.

    • Formula:

      Build excel-like formulas using the formula builder to transform data.

    • Fixed Value:

      Set a constant value that will be applied once the transformation executes.

    • Ensure the 'Active' checkbox is checked. If unchecked, the transformation will be ignored.

Saving Your Mapping

  • After making changes, click 'Save' to update your mapping.

Removing a Mapping or Transformation

  1. Remove a Mapping:

    • Select the line mapping and press the delete button on your keyboard.

    • Save your mapping after all deletions.

  2. Remove a Transformation:

    • Right-click on the mapping line with the configured transformation.

    • Select 'Remove Action'.

    • Save your mapping after all removals.

Updating a Transformation

  1. Edit a Transformation:

    • Right-click on the mapping line with the transformation.

    • Select 'Edit' and make your changes in the action popup.

    • Choose the type of transformation as required (Apex, Flow, Formula, Fixed Value).

    • Ensure the 'Active' checkbox is checked.

    • Click 'Save' to update the transformation.


Managing data transformations in Plinqx is crucial for ensuring that your data is accurately and efficiently processed. The Plinqx Designer tool provides a user-friendly interface for creating, updating, and removing transformations, offering a range of options to suit various data processing needs. Whether you are working with simple formula-based transformations or more complex Apex classes, Plinqx equips you with the tools necessary for effective data management.